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http://www.shine-epoch.com.tw/contact.html SHINE EPOCH CORPORATION http://www.shine-epoch.com.tw/images/corpimg.png 7F.-1, No. 375, Yunong Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan $ 06-209-3751 SHINE EPOCH CORPORATION (SEC) is a professional display maker from Taiwan, designing and manufacturing the rugged TFT-LCD display total sets and modules.SEC was a multidisciplinary team ofexpertsfrom IT, LCD and Data Communication industry. There are full function departments in the company, including software/firmware design, electronic design, mechanism design, opticsdesign, and product engineering. High quality, reliable, quick response and on time are the key images for our customers, no matter it is a standard or a customizeddemand.The primary products of SEC are the non-standardaspect ratio Stretched Display (a bar type, ultra-wide one)and the Transparent LCD Display.The LCD Bar Display Series, based on the SEC’s panel cutting technique, are suitable for the metro train, trams train, and bus. These special LCD were used to replace on board LED scrolling displays. The Transparency LCD Display Seriesare treat as a show case of good,people can watch the promotion video on the screen and see the real merchandiseinside the box. In addition, the mainapplicationsfor those SEC products are: PublicTransportation, Military, Marine,Digital Signage, Gaming, ATM's,Kiosk,Ticketing, PublicInformation, IndustrialMachinery, Outdoor Display welcome board, etc.
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